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Applied and Mixed Math Mini Clips
Are you in an applied, college or mixed math course, and are having trouble with some concepts?
This site provides you step-by-step video walkthroughs for all of the units in your course
Links are arranged by course strand
Grade 9 Applied:
Grade 10 Applied:
Grade 11 College:
Grade 11 Mixed (Functions and Applications):
Grade 12 Foundations for College:

Math TV
Helpful video walkthroughs for math techniques
Gives a variety of explanations on how to do everything from solving an equation, to advanced calculus!

Khan Academy
An amazing resource for video walkthroughs in math, science, and even ancient history
Almost every possible math skill that you want to know more about is on here. Great resource if you missed a lesson or don't understand a concept.

Math Playground
A really useful website with Math videos focused on Grades 7 - 9 material. A great resource for students who need a quick refresher on concepts such as percentages, ratios and word problems.

Graphing Software

Great online graphing program. No installation required. The program runs in your web browser and allows you to graph and manipulate functions easily. Just go to "Download" and select "Applet Start" and you should be up and running in no time. Try to enter an equation, for example y = 4*x+3, or y=2*x^2+1 to see how it works.

Computational Databases

Wolfram Alpha
It has been described as "Google for Math and Science". You can enter any question you would like, and it will attempt to answer it. Will give solutions to problems written in the text field. For instance, type in an equation and it will solve it, factor, graph it and more (for example, try x^2+5x+6=0, etc.). It can also answer general questions, like "what was the temperature on July 2, 2004?", or "What is the life expectancy in Finland?"

Statistics Online Computational Resource from UCLA
This site contains dozens of interactive probability experiments. Click on the experiments link to get started simulating thousands of trials.

Other links:

The world's most important statistics made accessible for everyone to see and use. Easy to use visual interface that lets you explore international data. Watch the video on the main page to see how to use this amazing resource!

Summary of resources for teachers and students:

Math Contests at Waterloo