Deciding what Mathematics program you should enter is a very important decision that you should take very seriously. Different courses will lead you towards different objectives in the future.

What options are available to you once you finish an Academic, Applied, or Locally Developed Mathematics program? How can you change from one pathway to another? Your teachers and guidance counselors are here to help you decide.

What's the Difference between Academic Math and Applied Math?

Have a look at a sample EQAO exam from each course

Academic Grade 9
Answer key

Applied Grade 9
Answer key

Ontario Secondary Mathematics Pathway

Do you need to take all Academic courses to get into University? What is needed to go from Grade 9 Applied into Grade 10 Academic? Consult this useful fact sheet on the different routes you can take to go through your mathematics education. As always, ask your guidance counselor and your teacher for more details.

Mathematics Requirements for most Ontario Universities, as of Fall 2010

This table will give you an idea of what the Mathematics requirements are for a variety of different programs at most major post-secondary institutions in Ontario. Always double check that your universities of choice have not changed their requirements before you make your final decisions.
Univ Math Req 2011.pdf

Mathematics Course Descriptions and Pre-Requisites

Go to page 70 for descriptions of the Mathematics courses and the pre-requisites