EQAO Information

Every student registered in Grade 9 Applied or Academic Mathematics at North Albion Collegiate will be writing the EQAO exam on June 12th (booklet 1) and June 13th (booklet 2). This exam will be held in your regular grade 9 Mathematics class.

Format of the Exam:

Estimated Time
Allotted Time
Booklet 1
- 7 multiple choice
- 4 open response
- 7 multiple choice
40 minutes
60 minutes
Booklet 2
- 7 multiple choice
- 4 open response
- 7 multiple choice
40 Minutes
60 minutes (plus 10 for questionnaire once complete)

Marking Scheme

This exam is intended to assess your knowledge of the entire course, and will count as 10% of your overall mark in the course. If you are late or absent from the exam, you will need to present your teacher with a valid doctor’s note, otherwise your mark may go in as 0% for this exam.

What to Bring and what not to Bring:

Do bring the following:
- Two HB pencils, an eraser, a pen, a scientific calculator, and a ruler
Do not bring the following:
- Personal electronics of any kind, cellular phones, MP3 players, etc. Students caught using these devices run the risk of being given a mark of 0% on their exam.

Practice Exams:

Please note that while these questions are from old EQAO exams, their format is very different from the booklets you will receive (see the timeline above).