Welcome to the NACI Math Wiki!

NOTE: This is to allow teacher memberships only!

Creating an account

1 - Go to www.wikispaces.com
2 - Click on "Individuals and Groups"
3 - Enter a username, password and e-mail address you would like to use and click "Join Now"

Joining the NACI Math Wiki

1 - Go to nacimath.wikispaces.com
2 - On the left hand side there is a link to request to join the wiki
3 - Mr. Garrison will grant you access

How to use the Wiki

Once you are logged on, you can create your own page on the sidebar by selecting "New Page"
Select "Edit" and you can input text on your page just like a word document

What we want to have on the Wiki

For now, we want to just use the Wiki to keep ourselves and out students up to date on homework assignments for our courses. If we can all make sure to update our week's homework assignments by friday of each week, then it will make it easier to keep up to date with each other and to help our students who may be away.