The Khan Academy
The Khan Academy gives you a wealth of resources to help you learn mathematics, all the way from elementary school to university.

Once you are on the site, you can log in and start doing exercises, watching video clips, or even coaching a friend or relative!

Instructions for getting started on the Khan Academy:
Follow these instructions to get set up with an account at the Khan Academy, and to add your teacher as a coach!
Khan Academy Instructions.doc

Exercises for Specific Courses (in progress)

Khan Academy Checklist:

Khan Academy Checklist:
MFM1P Khan Academy Skill Assignment checklist.doc

Knowledge Maps for Specific Courses (in progress):
Every course has essential skills that you need to know in order to be successful. Below is a list of the essential skills needed to be successful by the end of each course:

Grade 9 Academic Math (MPM1D): Knowledge map MPM1D.bmp

Grade 10 Applied Math (MFM2P): Knowledge map MFM2P.bmp