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Welcome to the website for North Albion Collegiate Institute's Mathematics Department!

Here you will find links to your homework assignments, websites that can help you if you are stuck, practice exams, practice tests, and many more interesting links. Be sure to check back often as this page will be updated frequently by your teachers.

Course Websites

Visit the website for your specific course to stay up to date with what you need to complete in your course! This is organized by teacher and subject.

Math Help

Visit our Math Help section for information on how to sign up for online tutoring, and where to find extra help.

Helpful Links

Come here to find useful websites that include free graphing software, online equation solvers and video walkthroughs for virtually any math skill!

Program Questions

Go here to find out course descriptions, university entrance requirements and to determine which Mathematics course is best for you.

Khan Academy Links

An amazing resource for Mathematics and Science - provides over 2000 video clips that walk you through everything from developmental Math to Calculus and Organic Chemistry! Come here to see how you can use this to help with your current courses.

Math Contests

Do you enjoy recreational Mathematics? Do you want to challenge yourself to solve some real brain teasers? Then you should consider signing up for one of our many Mathematics contests.

EQAO Information (June 2013)

Information about the upcoming Grade 9 Math EQAO, as well as links to practice exams.